What is Pot Likker ? Talk Southern to Me Episode 3

Welcome back for this week’s episode of Talk Southern to ME, where we take a new word, phrase, or Southernism and do our best to define it in non-Southern terms. Episode 3: What is Pot Likker?
Talk Southern to Me Pot Likker
We love food, and because Southerners cook some seriously delicious meals, we don’t want even a drop of the amazingness to go to waste.

That includes every last drop of the liquid that remains in the pot on the stove after we remove the food that’s been cooking in it. That liquid, many would call it a broth, has been flavored by the vegetables it contained while they were cooked, as well as the spices and butter that we probably used to flavor it. If there’s enough of it left, we might save it in a container in the refrigerator to be used for flavoring other things we will be cooking, and the amount on our plates that remains after the food on it has been eaten is just perfect when soaked up (or ‘sopped’ as I say) with a roll, biscuit, biscuit or bread.

I hope you’re more comfortable with using the word y’all after last week’s lesson!
Come back next week for another Talk Southern to Me lesson!

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