Running Post-Breast Augmentation

By: Jessica Azar
Three days ago, on Monday, I went for my first run after having my implants placed. Running Post-Breast Augmentation is new territory for me… not too many articles online about it and no close friends who have braved it that I can ask. It was exactly one month to the day after I had the surgery… and although the Doctor had cleared me too for a run a week prior to this, I was still nervous about how it would feel… would I be sore? Would I feel like I had two waterbeds on my chest gurgling around? Would I have sharp pain of any kind? I also was concerned about how well I would be able to run after taking another month off from exercising… I had finally gotten back in the swing of running at the end of January, following a month-long hiatus due to lack of motivation and other things. Anytime I ever have to get started again, I always doubt myself…I doubt whether I will still be able to run as well as I did when I stopped running… and how badly my endurance has been affected. I worry that I wont get the energy and endorphin boost from it that helps my Bipolar Symptoms so much. While part of me has been chomping at the bit to get back out there, part of me has enjoyed the excuse of sitting on the couch every night and not feeling guilty for not pounding the pavement…. but I’m not liking the changes I’ve seen in my body (probably nearly invisible to anyone BUT me) in terms of losing muscle tone… and more importantly, the lack of energy and noticeable dip in my moods. It kind of felt like being in handcuffs… knowing I couldn’t go run and DO something about that…

So Monday, I kept my public resolution to go for that run of questionable quality. At first, my legs felt kid of uncontrolled, but quickly I found my familiar gait and settled into the beat of the music I was listening to… and after the few minutes I was pleasantly surprised that my chest felt just FINE… no pain or sloshing… but I also could tell that my legs were going to be good and sore following the run. My energy started waning with about half a mile left in the run, and that was also about the time that I could feel the swishing in the right side of my chest start. It was obvious that my Sportsbra wasn’t tight enough because it wasn’t supporting that side… so I ended up looking like an idiot smushing my right boob in and up for the remainder of the run. It worked 🙂 Thankfully Im not one that worries about what other people think very much. Ran two good miles 20:28…. and I’m still incredibly sore from the run. Like, post-Half Marathon sore. Some serious stretching and foam rolling are about to occur so that I can attempt my second run this evening… hold me to it, people!

After the run, even though I was sore in my leg muscles, my chest felt FINE. I am truly amazed. And my energy is going back up, as is my mood!!! Ive said it once and I’ll keep on saying it… Exercise is crucial for keeping depression at bay. If you suffer from mood issues of any kind, you really need to be doing some kind of physical activity several times a week. it’s going to take time and persistence to get back to the endurance level I need to have in order to complete The Bear Run in July, but I can do it!!

Must keep going, and I really need to find some friends to run with in my area… any of my local friends want to creep along with me?

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