Sanity-Saving RoadTrip Games

Roadtrip games
Roadtrip games are a valuable tool anytime you’re transporting kids from place to place. It’s almost time for Spring Break, which means family vacations, which means kids will be trapped in the car for hours while you drive from Point A to Point B. This is also the time of year when Spring Sports like baseball and softball keep many families like ours in the road with endless practices and games. My kids are pretty well-behaved (sometimes) but there’s only so much drama-free, pleasant riding time that they can muster, and a distraction becomes necessary. WAY necessary.
I don’t always have DVD players and books at the ready, so it’s a great idea to know of a few “prop-free” games to put into play when things get hostile in the car. Here’s a great list of games that we love and have had good luck turning a hellish car-situation into a tolerable one: Sanity-Saving RoadTrip Games
Did I miss any good ones that you love? Let me know on the Herd Management Facebook page! You might save my life when my games have lost their luster.

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