Shotgun Shell Lights for Christmas DIY

If you’re looking for a fun way to give your Christmas tree a more rustic look, or are using a hunting/country living them for your Holiday decor, or just have a ton of empty shotgun shells sitting around after Dove hunting season, I have the perfect plan for you.
You need to make Shotgun Shell Lights! These can be used at Christmas, but are fun to decorate your patio or other places year-round.

Shotgun Shell Lights

You’re going to need Shotgun Shells, a String of White Christmas Lights, a Glue Gun and Glue Sticks for the Glue Gun.

How many Shotgun Shells, you say? It all depends on the size of the light strand you use. I used an 100 light strand, so 50 Shotgun Shells was the magic number for my project. I recommend you only put Shotgun Shells on every other light, because otherwise the strand of lights will become way too heavy on the tree, and also allowing individual light bulbs in between the Shotgun Shell Covered ones makes everything look brighter! I’ve tried this both ways, and it’s really even fine to use a Shotgun Shell on every third light. It totally depends on how many Shotgun Shells you have lying around and how committed you are to the whole hunting ambiance.

Shotgun Shell Lights Isolate the First Bulb to be Glued

First, untangle the mass of white Christmas lights you’ve decided to use, then decide if you’re going to make a pattern out of the different colored shells or use all the same color, and make sure you have enough to complete the strand. Remember, you only need a shell for half of the lights! Take the first light on the strand and grab the shotgun shell you want to use.

Shotgun Shell Lights Insert the Tip
Insert JUST THE TIP of your glue gun into the shotgun shell. Squeeze out a tiny bit of glue. A little goes a long way here!

Shotgun Shell Lights Glue Spot Size
See what I mean? Just a dot of glue at the opening of the shell. Ideally we don’t want to get glue on the light bulbs.

Shotgun Shell Lights Insert Light
Now take the light and insert it into the shotgun shell. Take care to not get glue on the bulb, and wipe it off if you do. Stick the part that holds the bulb and connects it to the strand wire into the glue and hold it firmly. Hold it as long as you can, kind of pinching it, until either the glue burns your fingers or you’re certain the glue has cooled and hardened a bit.

Shotgun Shell Lights Put Lights on the tree

Repeat these steps until you complete your strand of Shotgun Shell Lights!! Decorate your Christmas tree, patio, dock, windows, and more with these for a bit of rustic Southern charm! Shotgun Shell Lights would also make a great inexpensive DIY gift for someone.

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