Just Call Me Squeaky Boob… No one Warned me!

imageSo sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do this week! I’m happy to say that physically, in terms of pain and soreness, I was basically back to normal. The areas near the incisions itch a bit, as they are healing, and I have a bit of stiffness in the area where my new additions were built. The only truly rough, difficult side-effect of having had the surgery is that I am EXHAUSTED. Like… All of the time. It’s almost as bad as early pregnancy tiredness, where I just can NOT keep my eyes open and I have zero energy. My not not being able to exercise is also affecting my energy level, and it’s also been messing with my delicate bipolar emotional scale as well. But I think I made the absolute best decision for me, personally, on deciding to have the surgery. My doctor did a fantastic job… I love the way that I look and the way that it balances out my figure. Clothing now fits me much better, and even though they’re taking some getting used to, I can say without hesitation that this has been a positive experience.

Another adjustment in having this surgery has been that I must force myself to SLOW DOWN. Normally, I run around the house like a chicken with my headcut off…. Mothers of young children don’t have a ton of down time, and there’s never an end to the constant demands of caring for them…. So much so that I forget to ENJOY them and play with them as much as I want to do and should. So this past week I have been blessed with the perfect excuse to hang out on the couch, snuggle my little ones, watch movies with them and not obsess over the huge amount of things that needed to get done. THAT is where my amazing husband, the High Roller comes into play… He’s done an amazing job of taking the kids everywhere they have to go and helping me to keep the household rolling. And I am DYING to get to go for a run or do some yoga…. I desperately need the energy I get from exercise.

Now I must tell you about a crazy, annoying yet hilarious side effect of having this type of surgery. A few days after Boob installation, when the initial swelling started to go away, i started feeling something strange on the right side. It really began to worry me, because i thought that maybe I had overexerted myself in taking care of the kids… Yall know i cant COMPLETELY take myself out of the game… These little people wouldn’t let me if I could contain myself… Because LLL, in an attempt to get my attention and MAKE me pick her up (post-surgery I wasn’t allowed to lift anything over five pounds… She’s a hefty 30 pounds) climbed up on the kitchen table and tried to jump off of it. That forced ME to leap forward, arms outstretched and grab her. I felt a pull on my right side at the implant insertion site… So when I started feeling a strange, rubbery sliding sensation and hearing a slight squeaking sound whenever it moved, I was horrified. Immediately, I started searching the internet, desparately looking for something that fit the description of this issue. And I did. And it’s very, very common. And it’s referred to as…. Squeaky Boobs. Im not making this up… And noone ever told me that it could happen or to expect it! Its a benign situation where the implant is moving against the ribs and literally creates a squeaking noise. Eventually it goes away, as a lining forms between the implant and the ribs, but for now, everytime i raise my arm, I feel the slipping and hear a soft SQUEAK. I showed the High Roller my new sound effect, and he thought it was hysterical… And kind of compated it to a squeaky dog toy. Not a mental image I wanted! So if you see me running away from a pack of dogs, it’s provably because they think their favorite toy is in my shirt. Good grief.

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