Starz Outlander Episode 2 Synopsis “Castle Leoch” (102)

Outlander Episode 2 Synopsis
Outlander 102

After journeying for several days (seen in Episode 101) Claire arrives at Castle Leoch, the stronghold of Clan MacKenzie with Dougal, Jamie, and the other highlanders. Claire assesses the inhabitants of the courtyard, knowing that she must find a way to get back to Inverness. She stands out in the white torn “shift” dress, in stark contrast to the dark, heavier clothing of those around her. Old Alec, the stable master, walks up and immediately starts fussing at Rupert, one of the highlanders who has been journeying with Claire, and begins berating him for not taking better care of his horse’s hooves and saying that Rupert’s large size wasn’t good for the animal. From above, Claire makes eye contact with the Castle and Clan Laird, Colum, as he stares down at her inquisitively. A large woman comes bustling out of the castle and heartily greets Rupert, then jokes with Murtagh about him smelling so terrible. Her laughing expression changes immediately to one of bewilderment when she sees Claire. Jamie introduces Claire and Mrs. FitzGibbons. Jamie and Mrs. Fitz engage in a conversation of the eyes when Jamie says that she is a guest of Dougal’s. Mrs. fits says that she will take Claire to be dressed in “something… Something MORE” than the thin, somewhat revealing shift she was wearing. At that point, Claire begins insisting that she must clean Jamie’s wound and rebrand age it to keep it from getting infected, then realizes that she must begin to use more archaic medical terms in conversing with Mrs. Fitz and anyone else she meets in this time period. Mrs. Fitz asks her if she is a Beaton, or a charmer of some sort… Claire says that she’s something like that. Mrs. Fitz takes Jamie and Claire inside the castle so that she can properly clean and dress his wound. Asa Claire walks through the castle halls she has flashbacks of exploring the same halls with Frank. Mrs. Fitz sets Claire up with all that she needs to do her work and leaves them.

As Claire begins to uncover Jamie’s back to begin her work, she sees hideous scars. He explains casually that the Redcoats flogged him twice in one week, and that Black Jack Randall was in charge. As he explains the incident, a flashback scene plays in which Jamie was at his home, Lallybroch, and working in the fields when he heard his sister, Jenny, screaming from the house. He runs to see what’s wrong, and immediately has to fight off three Redcoats that were holding Jenny begin to attack him. Jamie tells her to run as he eats them down, but Randall halts him by holding Jenny with a gun under her throat. Randall is eerily calm and controlled, while Jamie is twitching with self-restraining anger. Jamie surrenders himself, and asks that she be let go. Randall says. “She’s bonny… I’ll have a closer look”, and rips the front of her dress open, revealing her naked body. We then see Jamie being whipped by Randall with a cruel looking crop, while tied up in front of Lallybroch. Randall pauses and asks Jenny if she’d rather go inside the house with himinstead of Jamie being beaten even more. Jamie tells her not to do it, and Randall knocks him out with a punch to the head. The scene cuts back to Claire mending Jamie, and he says that Jenny thought he was dead and went with Randall, but that he didn’t wake up until he was on the road to Fort William with a bunch of chickens that had been collected as tax payments. As she works on his injuries, Jamie tells Claire she is. Kind woman with a good touch, and that her husband is very lucky. At that, Claire turns away from him, and her VoiceOver imagines Frank and the Reverend looking for her. She worries that he may think she left him for another man. She thinks about how upset Frank must be and begins crying. Jamie gets visibly concerned and leans over to look at her. He asks what’s wrong and she says she’s thinking about her husband. Jamie then asks if her husband is not alive… She starts sobbing and confirms it. Jamie means over to hold and comfort her. After a moment, he leans back and they study each other intensely. The romantic chemistry is intensely palpable. Suddenly Vlaire jumps up, turns away and starts apologizing. Jamie looks at her meaningfully and says she needn’t be scared of him of anyone else while he’s there. She asks what to do when she’s not with him, and he reminds her to never forget that she’s “English, in a place where that’s not a pretty thing to be”. She thanks him as he takes her hand. He stiffens back up, emotionally withdraws himself, and tells her that she needs to get some sleep… That someone will be wanting to speak with her soon.
In the next scene, Mrs. Fitz is waking her up after a whole day to be dressed to see the Laird. Fitz undresses her completely, and questions her “corset”. After much fastening and putting on various garments, Mra. Fitz steps back to admire her work.
Claire enters Colum’s office, and her VoiceOver mentally assesses her surroundings for time clues. She views it as being a part of covert operations, and finally finds a letter on Colum’s desk that let’s her know it’s 1743. Colum walks in and welcomes her. She’s start mentally reviewing history and what she knows about this time period. When he starts questioning her she remains confident and assertively requests transport back to Inverness. Colum continues interrogating her and she flashes back to a conversation with Frank we here he advised to stick to the whole truth and only change what one must to preserve secret information. Claire tells him that Black Jack Randall ripped off her clothes after killing her manservant. Colum asks why an officer would want to rape a lady for no good reasons… Claire responds by asking him if there is ever a good reason for rape.Colum apologizes and she brings the conversation back to her return to Inverness. Colum offers his hospitality until he can arrange a ride for her that will leave in five days.
After leaving Colum, Clairw walks outside of the castle and sees Dougal playing with a little boy, Hamish. She thinks of how life ois still the same in so many ways even in different time periods.
Later, Claire enters the Great Hall. She approaches the head table and curtsies to the Laird. Dougal rises and gives her his seat while Colum immediately begins plying her with wine and food. She is also introduced to Letitia, Colum’s wife. Colum questions the pronunciation of her name, Beauchamp, and where her relations in France live. Claire asks where Jamie is, and how he is feeling. Dougal says he sent him to the stables with Old Alec. Colum and he lock eyes in a visible power struggle. After a moment Colum approves Dougal’s orders. Colum starts zeroing in on her plans for travel. As a distraction. Claire greets Hamish and refers to him as being Dougal’s son. There is a huge moment of awkwardness and realizes the danger of her mistake, as Hamish is Colum’s son. She asks to retire to bed, and mentally starts beating herself up for allowing herself to be plied with alcohol. She resolves to be more careful.
Claire ask Fitz how to get to Jmie at the stables to change his bandage. Fives gives her a smile and knowing look as she gives directions. Claire watches Jamie beautifully work with a horse. She makes a noise that spooks the horse and Jamie gets kicked. She apologizes and offers him the lunch and bandages she brought him.he smiles, forgiving her, and they go to sit and eat in the stables. They start talking about how he could eat grass when he’s hungry enough, and this leads to the explanation of why he’s lived on the run. There’s a price on his head for a murder he did not actually commit, and that is why Dougal is keeping him away from others, so he won’t be turned into the British. He confirms that his real name isn’t McTavish, and that Colum and Dougal are actually his uncles. Old Alec calls him back to work.
As she leaves the pasture, she notices that Rupert is there, and has been following her. She confronts him about it and demands to know why Dougal ordered him to follow her. He responds jokingly but let’s her know that it’s is thought that she’s a spy. She’s very bold in her anger at the situation, which he laughs about.
She questions Dougal about why she’s being followed, and he tells her that he doesn’t rust her and will have her followed until he knows her true identity.
Claire is picking mushrooms and plants in the next scene and encounters Geillis Duncan. Geillis begins discussing plants with Claire, and she says that there’s been much gossip in the village that Claire is a Sassenach spy. Geillis invites Claire to visit her at her home in the village sometime.
Later, at the assembly in the Great Hall, Claire’s VoiceOver discusses her diagnosis of Colum’s condition as Toulouse-Latrec syndrome. She comments that he is living on borrowed time in her VoiceOver. Geillis stands with Claire and translates all of the disputes that are being resolved in front of the Laird. After several property issues are settled a young woman named Laoghaire is brought forth by her father, who wants her to be punished for loose behavior and disobedience. Jamie steps in and offers to take the punishment for her. It’s argued, but Colum allows it. Jamie asks for fits instead of the strap. Murtagh steps in and tells Jamie to watch out because his uncle is up to something. Jamie smiles as Angus beats him. Dougal makes Angus beat Jamie far past the limit than the situation warranted. Afterward, Geillis takes Claire to Jamie so that she can assess the damages done to his prior injuries from this beating. She asks Jamie why he did it, and he doesn’t have any sport with Laoghaire, but it would’ve shamed her. Fitz thanks him for doing it, and tells Claire that Laoghaire is her granddaughter. Claire reveals to Jamie that she will be leaving the next day for Inverness. Jamie is visibly disappointed, and they say their goodbyes. Laoghaire comes in to thank him as Claire leaves, and Jamie sighs, looking tired and not in the mood to be thanked.
In the next scene, Mrs. Fitz gives Claire food to take with her but Dougal intercepts her from getting on her ride. He makes her go to see Colum instead. As she walks through the halls she has mental flashbacks of having been there with Frank. Colum shows her the “surgery” that was left empty after their last healer died. Colum says she must stay and be the new healer for the castle, and that she will not be allowed to leave. He says that he knows she has secrets, and until he knows what they are, or that they have no effect on him, she will remain there.

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