What Does Buggy Mean? Talk Southern to Me Episode 1

Starting today, each Tuesday I will be posting a “Southernism”, Southern phrase, or a word we use in the South that isn’t used elsewhere (that I know of) in the United States. Some of them are funny, and even if you’re not from here or have never heard of these phrases, feel free to start interjecting them into your daily conversations. You just might start a trend! Today we will be discussing the word “Buggy”. Now when a Southerner says “go get me a buggy” what does Buggy mean in this phrase? Many will think of a stroller for babies, a carriage that is pulled behind horses, or an adjective meaning crazy. That’s not what I or most of the people around here mean when they use this word.

Talk Southern to Me Buggy

A Buggy is another word for a shopping cart! It does KIND of look like a carriage, but I guess that would make me the horse? Or I could see where as grocery cart could kind of look like a baby stroller/pram, but then that would mean the food is my baby?

Next week we will be discussing the meaning of “Y’all” and its correct usage. Be sure to read it so y’all don’t look foolish.

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