The Herd is Growing on National Dog Day

In celebration of National Dog Day (which I just found out about this morning) I would like to introduce you to our newest member of the Herd. Meet Reata (we will be calling her “Ree” for short) and she is a four-month-old Red Heeler that I adopted from the Montgomery Animal Humane Society. Ree
I decided to name her Reata because she is a cattle herding dog and Reata is a Spanish term for the ropes that gauchos used to catch cattle. Also, Reata is the name of the ginormous cattle ranch in the legendary movie Giant, one of my favorite movies, so I find naming my new “cow dog” after it awesome.

james dean

Because is IS AWESOME.

My youngest daughter (Queen Beebs) went with me yesterday in hopes of meeting and potentially adopting another dog named Rudy that we had seen on the Shelter’s adoption website. Rudy is an adorable seven-year-old Hound and Pointer mix, and he seemed to be a perfect fit for our country lifestyle that includes lots of land, hunting and four kids to play with him endlessly. However, when we arrived at the shelter, we found that Rudy was on a Foster Field Trip, which means a family had taken him home and would likely be soon finalizing his adoption. We looked at all of the other adult dogs in their dog runs, played with a few in the yard, but none of them really seemed to click with us. A friend of ours had come with us to adopt a puppy, so we went in the puppy room to see what he had found. We found Reata there in a wall cage looking up at us. She was thoroughly rattled by the endless, shrill yipping and crying of the puppies (I can seriously relate to her on that). After visiting her in a quiet office, she relaxed under my chair but then warmed up after a few minutes. It was obvious that she needed to join our family when she and Queen Beebs starting playing and loving on each other. Part of the Montgomery Humane Shelter’s adoption policy includes mandatory spaying or neutering, so Ree has to stay at the shelter until she has her surgery tomorrow morning. Queen Beebs wasn’t happy about having to leave her there, but I told her it was important for them to have her completely ready to to join our family. The kids are so excited about bringing her home after school tomorrow and loving on her. Being a Heeler, I knew that Ree would love having the run of our land, chasing whatever cattle are currently staying in our pasture, and being loved by a bunch of kids. This is a very loyal and protective breed, and I love knowing that she will grow to feel strongly about all of us.

Ree and Bebe at shelter

Originally I was looking to buy a a purebred German Short-haired Pointer, but both my husband and our bank account laughed at me. One of the blessings of this adoption is that it only cost me $25 to adopt Ree, because she is in a harder to place category of adoptable dogs in that she is no longer a puppy, nor a grown, more settled dog. Adoptions are usually $150, which is truly still a bargain when the amazing work that they are doing and the excellent ways in which they prepare their animals to have a healthy, successful adoption. The Montgomery Humane Shelter prepares its adoptable pets for a healthy transition to their new homes by feeding them Science Diet dog food, having them completely up-to-date on all of their shots, and either making sure they receive their anti-puppymaking surgery or requiring that a young puppy being adopted be brought back to receive the surgery once they are old enough. The employees and volunteers are so kind and accommodating in helping potential adopters meet the available animals and helping them with any questions they might have, even after the adoption has been made. Keep them in mind when you go to buy a new pet, because the Shelter has so many amazing animals waiting for a new home! And seriously, spay and neuter your pets if you’re not specifically breeding them for a reason. There are so many sweet animals waiting at the shelter that might never get chosen, and by limiting litters elsewhere that number can be decreased over time.

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This post was not sponsored in any way. I received no incentive or compensation for adopting a pet at Montgomery Humane Society, but I want everyone to know how amazing their services truly are.

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