The Outfit CAN Make the Occasion – A StyleCrush Review

StyleCrush offered me a $100 store credit to review their website and give y’all my honest opinion! All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Ever had an exciting event or job interview just pop up out of nowhere, only to look in your closet and find nothing that suits the occasions? Lord know I have, and it always leaves me scrambling for the right thing to wear. I’m not someone that needs a lot of stuff, or a clothing-obsessed, fashion hound (although there’s nothing wrong with that… to each her own!) but I am very aware of the fact that walking into a room feeling like you’re dressed well cements an already-strong presence and kick your self confidence up several notches. Having a new dress that make me happy just to see it in the closet also increases the fun of a special outing.

Unfortunately, a couple of problems stand between me and the perfect attire, one being that I’m perpetually strapped for cash. Even living modestly, having four kids and meeting their ever-growing needs is expensive. EXPENSIVE EXPENSIVE. There’s rarely money left over for me to pick up a new shirt or dress, or even a scarf to perk up an older outfit, and while I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s, it would be nice to have more wardrobe options at times. Browsing in the store can only stay fun for so long before The other issue that a lot of us run into (me, in particular) is that we simply don’t have TIME to go shopping and wade through clothing. Thankfully, I now have a go-to plan for handling these two issues: StyleCrush.
StyleCrush How to Shop Smarter

This awesome website features gently-used, stylish clothing from name-brands at EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE PRICES. When I was contacted about test-driving their website and business, StyleCrush offered me $100 store credit to chose clothing for myself. First of all, that shopping spree was the most fun ever! I found a TON of things that I wanted really badly for myself, and two dresses screamed PICK ME to my daughter. After shopping like maniacs, we were able to purchase the following for $100:
StyleCrush Purchase List

Okay, so that takes care of the financial issue, you say, now what about my precious, precious time? I hear you. TOTALLY. You may have figured out ways to save money on clothes by going to thrift stores and outlets, but usually that takes hours of combing through racks of clothes that you hate just to find ones that you do like. I don’t know about you, but fighting people for a pair of jeans and wrestling with overstuffed clothing racks makes me feel angry. It’s much easier to go to the StyleCrush website and utilize the quick drop down menu to find the size and article of clothing you are looking to purchase, and BOOM, an entire list of affordable, cool clothes in your size appear!
My oldest daughter and I had a fantastic time browsing the StyleCrush website in our pajamas, late one evening, and choosing the perfect dresses for our upcoming Mother-Daughter date at a local tea room.
StyleCrush Our Tea PartyOutfit Selections

Another Cool part of StyleCrush is that locals can have a party with all of their friends at the StyleCrush flagship store and sell their old clothes to StyleCrush! Locals can also pick up their order at the StyleCrush store. Oh wait… they’re in Canada??? And you’re not in Canada??? NOT A PROBLEM. They do have an option to pick up your purchases from their store if you’re local to them, but they ship! I am in the Deep South of the USA and they sent me my chosen clothing right away! Straight to me! And I was able to try on the clothes and model them in the comfort of my own bathroom with my OWN lighting instead of the awful dressing room light at most stores.
Check out my cool outerwear StyleFinds:
StyleCrush Outerwear

And I LOVE my dressy and casual outfits!

StyleCrush Casual Dressy

So by now, I know you are so ready to go shopping at StyleCrush and I don’t blame you one bit. To make it even more fun for you, the owners at StyleCrush have given me a coupon code created especially for Herd Management readers that gives you 15% off your first purchase!!! How cool is that?

AND…. There’s a Giveaway by StyleCrush! Enter for a chance to win an $100 Shopping Spree of your own!
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