Things I Hate About The Pediatrician’s Office: Annual Forms Update

We all hate going to the pediatrician with a sick kid, or even worse, MULTIPLE sick kids. Even if you’re there for a seemingly benign “well check-up” your child will more than likely pick up some rogue germs that will get him or her sick which leads to yet another sick visit. Some of the words I dread hearing the most, besides a serious diagnosis or “your deductible hasn’t been met yet, you owe 84 million dollars”, is “It looks like it’s time for you to update all 500 pages of your child’s medical and insurance forms! In fact, go ahead and complete the forms for all four of your children… they’re all out of date.” Can you relate?
Thing No. 1,263 That Parents Don't Want to hear at the Pediatrician's Office... (1)

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