Tips for Great Road Trips with Your Dog

Try these tips to make traveling with your Dog more fun for everyone!

Taking your dog along on a road trip may sound like an overwhelming situation, but it’s actually totally doable with proper planning! Boarding your pets when you go away for the weekend can be expensive, and who really wants to leave their furry, four-legged companions behind while you’re having an adventure? I’ve found that, for the most part, having your pup with you on the road is much easier than dealing with a baby or small children, so if you’ve conquered that feat, you’ll be able to handle this with no problem.

Over the past few months our Red Heeler, Reata, has joined us on multiple road trips and although I was nervous about handling her and all four of the kids (I was the solo adult on the journey each time) alone, things went very well. She was very calm along the way and LOVED being a part of the adventure.
reata in car

I utilized the tips I’ve been using in How to Take a Great Road Trip with Your Dog, and you’ll totally benefit from trying them with your pet on the next trip.

Have you taken your dog on any amazing trips? How did it go?

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