Truthful Home Still Life: An Expose’ of Real Life

Truthful We’ve all seen the amazing Pinterest spreads of pristine home decor; You know, the ones with tons of breakables, exquisite designer fabrics, and rugs to rival a palace and no kool-aid stains on the curtains. Sometimes when I see one of these pins, showing off expertly decorated living spaces with earth-friendly materials, I die a little bit inside. I look around at my house, where walls have remained half-painted for three years, glitter nail polish lies hardened in the carpet, and the towels have mildewed in the washer… again. It makes me feel ashamed and inferior… for about two minutes. It’s then that I remember that I consciously choose to prioritize happy kids and the few remaining shreds of my sanity over having an amazing house…. And trust me, you can only have two of the three.

Most Moms (unless they are superhuman) have learned to plow ahead and just accept some of the collateral damage that comes with raising children in their homes… we simply don’t have time to erase every bit of crayon on the wall or clean up every last mess… and these “situations” kind of take on a life of their own and build on each other sometimes… into a horrific “work of art”. In an attempt to show other moms that we don’t have to pretend that our houses stay immaculate and that we shouldn’t be ashamed to have friends over because the house is shabby, I reached out to other bloggers for a picture of a “Truthful Home Still Life” in each of their homes, and the results are freaking fabulous. Go take a peek, laugh and enjoy being able to relate to the photos in this article… I know have!

Agony of Juvenile Art
Kate from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine shows her daughter’s artwork on the carpet of their new house, which has now been stepped over countless times and is becoming part of the scenery. I think it gives the carpet character, don’t you agree? Freakishly clean white carpet is boring…. Thanks so much for reminding us of that, Kate’s kid.

Table of Confusion
Kristen of Abandoning Pretense decided to give us a glimpse into her family’s table of all trades… is it a place to eat? A place for homework? A catchall for shopping bags and whatever other crap that this busy mom and her kids put there? It’s all of the above!! I literally giggled with delight when I saw this picture because my kitchen table looks the SAME. Moms multi-task constantly, and we expect our furniture to do the same.

Barbies Unbound
Julianna of Rants From Mommyland provided a peek into a more sordid, titillating Still Life in her home. The playroom is the scene of this plastic skin-fest, where bodies lie tangled in various compromising positions. Things seem to have gotten so out of hand that body parts have gone missing, or maybe it’s just a very accepting group of Barbie Lovers. Julie’s kids might be learning more about the birds and the bees from these freaky dolls than she could ever (want) to teach them… and who am I to judge? No one REALLY wants to have THAT talk with their kids anyways.

Paintus Interuptus
Welcome to my kitchen, where the wall was last being painted in August of 2013. If you’re colorblind (or just blind) you would miss out on this amazingly Shameful Home Still Life, but thankfully most people get to feast their eyes on it. Adjacent to the wall of unfinished paint lies the top of the refrigerator, aka “the place where stuff I take away from my kids goes”.

Storage Amiss
Lauren of Lo-Wren never has to wonder if the dishes she will need are in the cupboards or not, BECA– USE SHE HAS NO CUPBOARDS. She has done the best she can to utilize the non-existent storage space in her 1800’s era farmhouse, but since there is none, everything remains in plain sight and reach of her preschool-age son (except the knives… she said those are hidden away very well).

Drip No More
Alyson of The Shitastrophy demonstrates the correct way to keep your bathtub faucet from dripping, if removing the panel to truly repair it just isn’t your thing (that would be me… Don’t worry, I’m taking notes). She borrowed some her daughter’s crafting duct tape and plastered that puppy into a non-dripping position. Brilliant ingenuity and pragmatism is the name of her game (and mine…. and every other smart mom).

Death of a Dishwasher
Ashley of Malleable Mom illustrates the backlog of dirty dishes that happens when the dishwasher breaks three months ago and stays that way. The Duct Tape RIP adds much pizzazz and increases the attractive allure of the scene… and makes me gut-laugh every time I see this picture.

Canine Destruction
Meredith from The Mom of the Year offers a familiar scene for any of the pet owners out there. Her dog, whom I will call Cedric because I don’t know his real name, scratches and rubs on this piece of their front door as he demands/begs to be let inside his home. It’s both impossible and futile to clean or repair this situation, because Cedric is persistent like most dogs, and I’ve been told that the dog must stay, so the door art remains as well. (As it should)

Mort De Microwave
Ashley of Big Top Family chose to capture the essence of her dead microwave in her still life. It reportedly expired several months ago from constant overuse, as Ashley mentioned the important role that a microwave plays in her quest to feed her family (as it is for most real-life moms). Instead of replacing this one, due to the expensive and time-consuming nature of doing so, that she bought a cheap microwave that sits on the countertop to fill the void in the cooking lineup. Again, practical pragmatism wins out, as it should in matters like these.

All of the above Still Life photographs do the amazing job of showing LIFE… that people live and love and play and work in all of these homes. Much like a pair of shoes, it’s nice to keep them smooth and shiny, but they don’t become comfortable until they have some wear and tear. These photos all show the marks of comfort, of being used and enjoyed as they should, and I think that’s much more interesting than a space devoid of character that’s been earned. Or maybe I’m just poor and exhausted… but at least I’m happy, and that’s being truthful.

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