Ways to Keep a Car Cool in the Summer

ways to keep a car cool in the summer

I still have hideous memories of getting into an oven-like car as a child and not being able to breathe over the extreme waves of heat surrounding me. Although the burning hot metal of the seatbelt on my fingers left no lasting marks on my hands, it is branded into my mind. In an attempt to prevent my kids from having to endure the same dreadful conditions I have been picking the brains of everyone around me to compile a list of ways to keep a car cool in the summer. These tips are legit and you’ll undoubtedly find a way to put a few into practice in the sweltering summer of your own lives.

Go readHow to Keep Your Car Cool in the Heat and see what will work best for you. These ways to keep your car cool will save you sanity and prevent scorched skin if you make a point of doing them!

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