“What Does Mash Mean?” on Talk Southern to Me

Ever heard a Southerner say “mash that button… no THAT one… MASH IT HARDER!” or something along those lines? If you’re not from Here, you probably screwed up your face in confusion. I can promise you that you’re not the only one who’s wondered! Mash is used around here so frequently and totally that it’s one of those words that’s Southern-specific.
So what DOES mash mean!?
Talk Southern to Me what does Mash mean

For the most part if you Of course, being that Moonshine is made with serious passion in the South, and mash is a term for the mixture of ingredients combined to make Moonshine through fermentation, understanding the meaning of the word “mash” is totally based on the context of the conversation. Now you could mash up the ingredients used to make mash…. but let’s not get carried away. If you can’t get ahold of REAL, homemade White Lightening I highly suggest you check out the Ole Smoky Mountain Distillery Moonshine selection! It’s good stuff, and I’m not being paid to say that. Try the Apple Pie variety and thank me later.

Use Mash in a sentence this week and feel the satisfaction of feeling the visceral description of the action it describes.
Join us next week for another edition of Talk Southern to Me and be sure to look at past posts designed to help you understand Southern English.

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