Who Are You? Photography Project 52 Week 1

I have always wanted to attempt one of the year-long photography projects that I’ve seen on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for the past couple of years, but never got started at the beginning of the year. 2016, YOU will be the year that I attempt AND complete a comprehensive photography project! After evaluating my jam-packed schedule and factoring in my vegetable soup brain, I decided that a once-a-week photography project would work best for me. Project 52 is the perfect answer for me. It’s often enough that I won’t forget to do it, frequent enough to keep me excited about it, but not such a big undertaking that I will forget it and be mad at myself for messing it up.There will be times I use my iPhone’s camera and times I use my Nikon DSLR.

Each week has a theme for the picture to-be-taken without any further explanation other than the title, so it’s left open to interpretation by the photographer. This week’s them is “Who Are You?”.
Here we go… my submission for Project 52, Week 1.

Photography Project 52 Week 1 Who Are You

So, who am I? I often ask myself the same question! On a superficial level, I’m a woman, wife, mother of four great but wild children, friend to many, a brunette, a tall girl, and someone who wears boots a lot. On a deeper level, I’m a Child of God, a Southern to-the-core Alabamian, an avid reader (since childhood), a Auburn University at Montgomery graduate (Bachelor of Arts in English, Minor in Writing), someone with a Bipolar Disorder diagnosis, a hack knitter, a yoga-lover, a former runner (8 half marathons and one full marathon under my belt), a Scotch whisky drinker (neat, please), a lover of dogs, REAL country music and Classic Rock. Singing old gospel hymns is my favorite part of going to church and I call people silly animal names… like my second son is known around here as Bunny and I call my husband the Llama. No real reason, it’s just silly and stuck.

Oh, and I write, too.

Who are YOU? Join me in taking the Project 52 challenge, and hashtag your photos on Instagram or Twitter with #eyecandyproject52 ! Let’s connect there… follow me on Instagram or Twitter and I’ll follow you back!

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